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Minor problem using just made "make"

From: leam
Subject: Minor problem using just made "make"
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 09:38:16 -0500 (EST)

Sorry, don't have the GNU Make Manual handy. There does seem to be two
small issues in the making of "make". FYI, I am using a sparc/Linux box,
with make 3.79 just downloaded from ftp.gnu.org.

Problem 1. I wanted to have the freshest, purest "make" possible, so just
before I did "make install", I removed the older version of make that
came, as an rpm, with the distribution. I used the "./make install" as
suggested by the "INSTALL" doc. The script went into I18n and bombed. It
was fixed by copying the new "make" into "/usr/bin".

Suggestion 1. Have the script set "make" to the absolute pathname of
whatever is used to call the "./make install". 

Problem 2. Again, minor. "make check" is listed before "make install".
My "make check" did not work until after the "make install" was done.

Suggestion 2. Just reorder these two in the "INSTALL" doc, and note that
"make check" can be run to verify the "make install". That should make
things fairly explicit.



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