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Re: Test harness patch for VMS.

From: h.becker
Subject: Re: Test harness patch for VMS.
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2014 20:14:18 +0200
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On 04/01/2014 07:19 AM, John E. Malmberg wrote:
> For some reason perl is only able to run foreign commands that are
> global DCL symbols, not local DCL symbols.
> In test_make.com this change is needed.
> $!
> $ testname = ""
> $ make :== $bin:make.exe"
> $!
> $ i = 0
> $param_loop:
> $
> The bin logical name is not visible outside of the test_make.com
> procedure, so to run the test harness outside of the test harness, the
> full path is needed.
> The original intent was only to set local symbols for foreign commands
> so that the test harness did not leave them behind.  Unfortunately Perl
> does not seem to be passing these symbols to its child processes.
> If it is desired to have the DCL procedure just set up for running the
> Perl suite, some logical names that it defines just before it runs perl
> should also be defined.
> The error message was being generated because the make global symbol
> foreign command was missing.  I missed removing that definition before
> re-running the test_make.com

I still can't get it to work:

$ diff test_make.com
File USR_ODS5:[BECKER_H.make.make]test_make.com;2
   25   $ make :== $bin:make.exe"
   26   $!
File USR_ODS5:[BECKER_H.make.make]test_make.com;1
   25   $ make := $bin:make.exe"
   26   $!

Number of difference sections found: 1
Number of difference records found: 1

$ spawn
%DCL-S-SPAWNED, process BECKER_H_23094 spawned
%DCL-S-ATTACHED, terminal now attached to process BECKER_H_23094
$ @test_make
%DCL-W-IVKEYW, unrecognized keyword - check validity and spelling
%DCL-W-IVKEYW, unrecognized keyword - check validity and spelling
%DCL-W-IVKEYW, unrecognized keyword - check validity and spelling
                      Running tests for GNU make on VMS
                               GNU Make 4.0.90

Clearing work...
Finding tests...

features.dir/archives ...................................

FAILED (0/0 passed)scripts/features.dir/archives
features.dir/comments ...................................

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