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headers installed incorrectly?

From: Alexey Toptygin
Subject: headers installed incorrectly?
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 23:10:13 +0000 (UTC)


I was building ncurses-5.5 from source; I had to set build= by hand, since config.guess spits out -unknown-netbsd1.2 rather than i386-unknown-netbsd1.2 (even though uname -m clearly says i386). I did:

./configure --build=i386-unknown-netbsd1.2 --prefix=/usr/local \
        --with-shared --without-debug

My problem is that make install then put all the headers under /usr/local/include/ncurses, but it generated the internal includes as ncurses/whatever.h. So, if I use -I/usr/local/include/ncurses, gcc can't find the ncurses/unctrl.h (among others) that is included from ncurses.h. I have to have both -I/usr/local/include/ncurses and -I/usr/local/include in order to make it work. Is this a bug?


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