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GNU Parallel Bug Reports Adding sqlite job queue

From: Stephen Fralich
Subject: GNU Parallel Bug Reports Adding sqlite job queue
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2014 17:19:40 -0700

I administer the university-wide shared HPC Cluster at the University
of Washington. I installed parallel several years ago and several
groups use it heavily.

A useful enhancement I've envisioned is to have parallel read tasks
out of an SQLite database rather than from the command line and then
update the database when the tasks have started and then again when
they've finished with return codes and so on. This would make it
simpler for users to keep track of tens of thousands of individual
tasks and decrease the number of jobs users submit as well (which
helps me).

I'd like to modify parallel to have this capability, but I thought I'd
seek advice before getting into it.
I've been writing Perl code for quite a while (> 15 years) and I'd
consider myself moderately adequate. What do you think? Do you have
any advice as to how I'd go about implementing it? Any help is
appreciated (even vague pointers). Thanks a lot,


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