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GNU Parallel Bug Reports Issue with invoking multiple parallel instances

From: Aditya Kommajosula
Subject: GNU Parallel Bug Reports Issue with invoking multiple parallel instances
Date: Fri, 26 May 2017 11:05:54 -0500


I am a graduate student, and I have been using GNU Parallel (version 20160422), for research codes on a HPC cluster. 

I have a job script which calls GNU Parallel for parallel execution, which is followed by some serial code, after which GNU parallel is invoked again (to run parallel commands different than the first parallel call). I use the '--sshloginfile' option on both instances of the GNU Parallel calls, and I encounter an error at the second call:

parallel: Error: Cannot open loginFile

Here, loginFile is the node-list file. Now, I can confirm that the node-list file is physically present in the working directory at the time of the call, so this shouldn't be the issue here. Additionally, I tried commenting out the first Parallel execution and ran the second Parallel command, and it works perfectly. This leads me to consider whether the '--sshloginfile' needs to be included the second time or not. 

Unfortunately, GNU Parallel doesn't give more information about this error, and I'm not too familiar with its implementation myself. I couldn't find help online either. I'd be grateful if you could kindly assist me with this issue. Looking forward to your response, thank you!

Aditya Kommajosula

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