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mkparted for creating bootable parted floppy

From: Keith Adamson
Subject: mkparted for creating bootable parted floppy
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 00:14:45 -0500

Hi Kent, 

That was quick work.  This looks very good (for i386 anyways).

A couple of thing I wonder about.

Should you include the option to boot on a partition? This may
confuse more than help and an experience Linux user would
probably already have a recovery disk.

What would the rama/ramb disk be used for?  I think this may
also confuse unless it is pointed out for some specific use.

Maybe the initial prompted in message.txt should be something like;

"Hit return to boot parted"
"Hit F1 to see other options"

then define a "F1 param.txt" in /tmp/floppy/syslinux.cfg

Where you give the "linux root=" option and the "parted foo=bar" 

Good work,

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