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Re: mkparted for creating bootable parted floppy

From: Eelco Duijker
Subject: Re: mkparted for creating bootable parted floppy
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 10:03:39 +0100

Would it be possible to use to parted bootdisk with syslinux to choose
between booting parted from floppy and booting your Win* from Harddisk.
I tried grepping the first sector from a bootable windows floppy
(dos.bss), but that doesn't work. I alsp tried to replace the first tree
bytes from dos.bss (this is where the long jump to the actual boot stuff
stands(I gues)) with a INT 19 call. The INT 19 is the BIOS warm boot
call, but because I was booting from floppy, my floppy is my first boot
device. Anyone any ideas??

Thanks Eelco

kent robotti wrote:
> >Hi Kent,
> >That was quick work.  This looks very good (for i386 anyways).
> >A couple of thing I wonder about.
> >Should you include the option to boot on a partition? This may
> >confuse more than help and an experience Linux user would
> >probably already have a recovery disk.
> I don't think it's confusing, this is the boot message.
>    .~.    You can boot a linux system on a partition by telling syslinux
>    /V\    where the partition is.
>   //Y\\
>  /(_|_)\  IDE & SCSI Partitions: /dev/hda[1-15] /dev/sda[1-15] etc.
>   ^^ ^^
> boot: linux root=/dev/hda2                <Boot linux system on /dev/hda2>
> boot: linux root=/dev/hda2 single         <Bypass init>
> boot: linux root=/dev/hda2 init=/bin/sh   <Specify init>
> You can also tell syslinux to boot a system into ram that's on
> a second floppy disk, the floppy can be formatted to 1.44mb.
> boot: rama   "Put rama for floppy drive a, ramb for floppy drive b!"
> To boot the ram parted system on this floppy disk, just press enter.
> boot: parted foo=boo   "If you want to pass options to the kernel!"
> >What would the rama/ramb disk be used for?  I think this may
> >also confuse unless it is pointed out for some specific use.
> To boot a compressed linux system on a second floppy.
> >Maybe the initial prompted in message.txt should be something like;
> >"Hit return to boot parted"
> >"Hit F1 to see other options"
> Maybe, it may border on being confusing.
> >then define a "F1 param.txt" in /tmp/floppy/syslinux.cfg
> >Where you give the "linux root=" option and the "parted foo=bar"
> >option.
> >Good work,
> >   Keith
> Thanks.
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