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WinME/Linux dual boot

From: James Johnson
Subject: WinME/Linux dual boot
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 13:48:04 -0400 (EDT)

This is not a bug report, but a request for info.  I say there is only this
one mail list.

I'm planning to repartition a disk on a new notebook I bought that came with
WinME installed so I can also run Linux on it.  My question: is WinME using
the FAT file system (does Parted care if it is FAT16 or FAT32), and will Parted
work with it fine?  I was thinking of first resizing the WinME partition, and
then either moving the WinME into the new partition area (plan A), or putting
Linux in the new partition area (plan B).  With the new 20GB hard drives are
there any advantages having Linux on a partition near the beginning of the disk
or end of the disk?

Plan A (harder):

| hibernate | WinME         |

| hibernate | WinME | Free  |

move WinME
| hibernate | Free  | WinME |

install Linux
| hibernate | Linux | WinME |

Plan B (simpler):

| hibernate | WinME         |

| hibernate | WinME | Free  |

install Linux
| hibernate | WinME | Linux |

Thank you for any help,

| James E. Johnson                      | address:                           |
| Science Systems and Applications, Inc.|  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center  |
| e-mail: address@hidden   |  Distributed Active Archive Center |
| phone:  301-614-5121                  |  Code 902, Building 32, Room S130F |
| fax:    301-614-5268                  |  Greenbelt, MD  20771              |

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