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RE: FileSystem Support (Rieser, JFS, EXT3, et al.)

From: IT3 Stuart B. Tener, USNR-R
Subject: RE: FileSystem Support (Rieser, JFS, EXT3, et al.)
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 02:44:36 -0700

Mr. Clausen:

        The ReiserFS resizer does not allow you to do what partition magic does 
with an ext2 partition. All their utility does is extend the end of a ReiserFS 
partition, if you make the device bigger. So, if you add more "length" to 
/dev/hdc1 then you can extend the filesystem. But ReiserFS does not allow you 
to move or extend the device. Save the fact that I am sure most Linux 
administrators would prefer to have one utility to do what the resizer does, 
plus what it does now, plus what Partition Magic 6 does as well.

        Secondly, while I am certainly not a developer of this technology, nor 
an expert into its design, I am curious why you can move the end of a 
filesystem, and not the beginning? In other words, if you extend, why can you 
not shrink it? If you can extend the end, why can you extend the beginning? Why 
is it difficult to move a filesystem? If our partition table looks like this: 
(cylinders) 1-100 [NTFS], 101-301 [EXT2], 401-701 [NTFS], 701-1024 [EXT2]; if 
you delete 401-701 [NTFS], why is it difficult to move the 701-1024 [EXT2] 

        I know very little about Linux LVM, but, even if LVM (Logical Volume 
Manager for Linux) where to relieve the problem of knowing how to resize all 
the other filesystem types, it does not address the issue of dealing with 
Windows Filesystem types, nor other filesystems types which are not Linux, and 
not Windows.

        What period of time (if you or someone else can guess or estimate) are 
we look at for "parted" to have (at minimum) functionality equivalent to 
Partition Manager 6?

        I am also going to check out the current version of Mandrake's "disk 
drake" which apparently does a lot of what I need (I was told), so I am going 
to test it out as well.

Very Respectfully, 

Stuart Blake Tener, IT3, USNR-R, N3GWG 
Beverly Hills, California
VTU 1904G (Volunteer Training Unit) 
west coast: (310)-358-0202 P.O. Box 16043, Beverly Hills, CA 90209-2043 
east coast: (215)-338-6005 P.O. Box 45859, Philadelphia, PA 19149-5859 

Telecopier: (419)-715-6073 fax to email gateway via www.efax.com (it's free!) 


Saturday, August 11, 2001 2:16 AM

 -----Original Message-----
From:   Andrew Clausen [mailto:address@hidden 
Sent:   Friday, August 10, 2001 10:56 PM
To:     IT3 Stuart B. Tener, USNR-R
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Subject:        Re: FileSystem Support (Rieser, JFS, EXT3, et al.)

On Fri, Aug 10, 2001 at 10:20:07PM -0700, IT3 Stuart B. Tener, USNR-R wrote:
> I am of course curious about the development of the ReiserFS resizing stuff.

The reiserfs people have written a reiserfs resizer.  I hope to
be able to interface with external resizers from libparted soon.

> I can use PM6.0 to resize NTFS, but PM6.0 may never support the plethora of
> different Linux based journaling filesystems, which parted most likely,
> will. What is the status of each filesystem with regard to parted?

ATM, only ext2 (resize end only) and fat are supported.  However, there are
external resizers for jfs (grow end only), reiserfs (resize end only) and
xfs (grow end only).  I intend to begin writing an NTFS resizer RSN.

I think GNU/Linux users will move towards LVM in the long term, so
resizers capable of moving the start will become less important, except
for interfacing with the Windows world.  (And even that is moving towards
LDM, an LVM-look-alike).

I would like libparted to be able to deal with LVM/raid properly.

I plan to make the NTFS resizer capable of moving the start (as well
as the end).


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