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Re: FileSystem Support (Rieser, JFS, EXT3, et al.)

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: FileSystem Support (Rieser, JFS, EXT3, et al.)
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 08:11:47 +1000
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Hi Stuart,

On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 02:37:01PM -0700, IT3 Stuart B. Tener, USNR-R wrote:
> I did a web search for "partition surprise" and no one seems to 
> have heard of it.


It was the FIRST match on google!  What search engine are you using?!

It isn't ready for production use.  It's GPL.  It can convert between
file systems (only ext2 and fat are supported... but I think it will
be difficult to add NTFS support, say, but I may be wrong...)

> I have currently parted, and of course diskdrake 
> from Mandrake.

Diskdrake is based on an old version of parted, but I imagine it has
changed a lot since then...

> Oh gee, I did not realize I was not part of the free software 
> community, because my needs are not just, for what you have put into 
> parted thus far, but also for the functionality that partition magic 
> provides.

Well, you are free to disagree with me about what "the free software
community needs".

> It is a funny thing; many people in the Free Software 
> community get very upset at the idea that you are using commercial 
> software when you could use theirs.

I don't.  Although, I think it's a better thing to do, in terms of
improving free software, and increasing the influence it has (which
is a goal of mine for ethical reasons)

> Yet, still, as many people also 
> wish to leave out features that some commercial products have. I feel 
> that Free Software ought to be as powerful as is possible, and 
> certainly taking queues from commercial software is not an evil thing.

It isn't evil, just, we don't have lots of people to hack on Parted,
and we therefore need to be selective about what we decide to implement.
That said, feel free to send any patches to add features you think
Parted should have... I'm not saying we SHOULDN'T include a feature X,
just we should prioritize what we perceive to be important.

What's important for PM's market != what's important for the free
software community.

> Who is "pixel"?

address@hidden  Wrote diskdrake


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