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RE: gcc bug causes parted to write bad GPT entries

From: Matt_Domsch
Subject: RE: gcc bug causes parted to write bad GPT entries
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 19:04:36 -0600

> Agreed.  This is making my brain hurt; the guid is on disk in
> little-endian order.  disk_gpt.c swaps to local cpu order 
> when it reads
> them, and back to LE when it writes them.  That's good, but 
> the libuuid
> code, which can be used to unparse them, looks like it 
> interprets the 16
> byte block it is passed as a uuid in big endian order (regardless of
> local cpu byte order).  libuuid is used to generate unique 
> UUIDs for the
> partitions too.  That should mean the unique partition IDs written by
> parted are wrong byte order on LE machines.  That does indeed 
> seem to be
> the case; if I run uuidgen a few times, I get strings like
> a9e984b7-3c7b-4f1c-8764-f941fdaf6775
> where this    ^    digit is always a 4
> libuuid forces that to 4 as part of its generating process.  
> So, on disk
> that should be in LE format, and so the 8th byte (offset 7) of the
> unique guid should be 0x4?.  But it isn't, on my disks it is the 7th
> byte that always has a value 0x4?.
> Am I confused, or is the code broken in the way it interacts with
> libuuid?

Blame Intel.

The RFC says guids are in big-endian byte order.  libuuid does it this way.
Intel's EFI Spec references that RFC, then proceedes to make it
little-endian in their spec and sample implementation (which all the BIOSes
use).  So it's got to be Intel's broken way, but that may mean we can't use
libuuid as-is...

I didn't realize this whole mess until David Mosberger suggested I rewrite
efi_guid_t to be an array of bytes instead of a struct of fields, and I
haven;t had the time to try to sort it all out again.


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