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Bug in parted (1.4.24)

From: Tal Danzig
Subject: Bug in parted (1.4.24)
Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 19:48:57 -0700
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When trying to resize a FAT partition I get the following:

# parted /dev/hdc print
Disk geometry for /dev/hdc: 0.000-407.039 megabytes
Disk label type: msdos
Minor    Start       End     Type      Filesystem  Flags
1          0.031    285.960  primary   ext2        
2        285.961    407.039  primary   FAT 

# parted /dev/hdc resize 2 300 350
Information: Would you like to use FAT32?  If leave your file system as
FAT16, then you will have no problems.  If you convert to
FAT32, and MS Windows is installed on this partition, then you must
re-install the MS Windows boot loader.  If you want to do this,
you should consult the Parted manual (or your distribution's manual).
Also, converting to FAT32 will make the file system
unreadable by MS DOS, MS Windows 95a, and MS Windows NT.
Yes No Cancel ? no
You found a bug in GNU Parted.  Please email a bug report to
address@hidden containing the version (1.4.24), and the following

Assertion (new_cluster_count + 2 <= ft->size) at
../../../libparted/fs_fat/table.c:92 in function
Ignore Cancel ? Cancel

FYI this is using the Debian parted package version 1.4.24-4
If I can provide any more information please let me know.

- Tal

Tal Danzig        |     Libranet GNU/Linux
address@hidden  |  http://www.libranet.com

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