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Re: Bug in parted (1.4.24)

From: Tal Danzig
Subject: Re: Bug in parted (1.4.24)
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 22:53:31 -0700
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* On Sun May 12, 2002 16:46:51 +1000, Andrew Clausen wrote:
> On Fri, May 10, 2002 at 01:07:06PM -0700, Tal Danzig wrote:
> > Another question.  Using libparted, is there any way to get/set the
> > partition type of a given partition.  For example I'd like to create a
> > partition of type Linux or Linux swap (types 83 and 82 respectively),
> > but not put any filesystem on that partition, and I'd like to be able to
> > find out the type of an empty partition.
> The philosophy is "partition types are bad" (ped_file_system_probe()
> instead!)
> Anyway, I intend to add support for this (along with the general
> parameter interface I'm thinking about...)

OK.  My plan was to use the partition type if no filesystem was
detected, but instead I'll just tell the user that the filesystem is
"unknown" or something.

> You can sort-of set the partition type via ped_partition_set_system().
> (You don't pass 83, but rather ped_file_system_type_get ("ext2")).

Yup, this is what I'll do.

> If you really want to access directly, there's a patch available from
> Andreas Dilger (google it!).  I didn't apply it because it isn't
> complete, and I'd rather interface it differently, but it should
> be safe/usable for you.  (I haven't tried it though!)

Thanks for your input.  I'd rather stick with what's somewhat proven, so
I think I'll skip the patch and design the requirement out of my program :)

- Tal

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