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bootdisk for reiser

From: Massimo Maiurana
Subject: bootdisk for reiser
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 21:24:06 +0200


I just downloaded parted 1.6.2 boot and rootdisk to try to manipulate my
reiserfs / partition. I saw that libreiserfs was needed to use parted on
such fs and downloaded it too, thinking I could put it on a separate
floppy to mount after the boot.

now the questions:
the version of parted that is included in the rootdisk can use
libreiserfs? I saw that it is'nt a dinamic executable, so I guess it
can't load shared libraries, right?
have you got any reccomendation to make a new rootdisk from a fresh
compiled version of parted, if I cannot use the one I have for my

thanks in advance for your kind answers, but please cc: them to me while
I'm not on this list :)

          Massimo Maiurana   mailto:address@hidden
          Linux RU #245612  RM #127258  keyID #7044D601
        "Un uomo solo, in questo mondo, non e' niente...
           ...e non ci sono altri mondi oltre questo"
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