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MacOS X boot region start fix ...

From: Timshel Knoll
Subject: MacOS X boot region start fix ...
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 13:10:36 +1100
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Hi Andrew,

I'm just looking to port the fix of the MacOS X raw_part->boot_start not
being 0, which causes parted to fail with the message:

Error: The boot region doesn't start at the start of the partition

on MacOS X systems. Your 1.6.0-pre8 release contained the fix, from the

* libparted/disk_mac.c (_rawpart_analyse): ignore boot region stuff,
  so it works properly with Mac OSX.

Did your fix simply consist of the commenting out of the:
        if (raw_part->boot_start) { }

Or were there other changes made as well?



Timshel Knoll <address@hidden>, Debian email: <address@hidden>
Debian GNU/Linux developer: http://people.debian.org/~timshel/
GnuPG public key: finger address@hidden

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