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documentation of parted

From: peter_easthope
Subject: documentation of parted
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 07:17:41 -0800

Hello Timshel and possibly others involved with parted,

The parted(8) man page is fine.  Under "SEE ALSO" it 
mentions "USER manual".  That seems a good idea but
what exactly is referred to?  What is "USER manual"?
Where is "USER manual"?  "info parted" gives only the 
manual page.

Conversely, I've installed parted-doc along with parted.
How shall I go about using parted-doc?  The comment
displayed by dselect says "contains user documentation".  
Great!  How can i read it?

In any case, thanks for parted.  It really is a valuable 

Regards,        Peter E.


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