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problem - parted 1.6.3 on RH Enterprise on ia64

From: Mike Miller
Subject: problem - parted 1.6.3 on RH Enterprise on ia64
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 19:23:55 -0700
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Can anyone point me in the right direction for help on a disk corruption issue?
 I know this is a dev list but no one else seems to understand my question.

What happened is that my partition table may have been slightly corrupted by
parted 1.6.3 on RH Enterprise 3(beta1) on ia64.

Are there any utilities or people  that can help me?  I don't have a RH support
contract.  I guess I've learned my lesson =(.  


I attempted to install the new Red Hat beta for ia64.  I already had an old
Debian partition on the disk, but it was too small.  So, I deleted it with the
disk druid software during the RH graphical install, which I've been told uses
parted.  I then made a new bigger partition using previously unused space.  

Later, on the second disc of the install there was a file read error and I had
to exit prematurely.

Now I am not able to boot either of my windows 2003 partitions.  I tried to
reinstall windows but it says I don't have a hard disk.  =(

So I am left with a minimal install of RHE 3 and many useless partitions. 
Unfortunately I need windows and data for work, not linux.

Parted lists my partitions as though nothing is wrong: 

Disk geometry for /dev/sda: 0.000-34732.890 megabytes
Disk label type: gpt
Minor    Start       End     Filesystem  Name                  Flags
1          0.031    345.146  fat16       EFI system partition  boot
2        345.146    470.654              Microsoft reserved partition
3        470.654   3467.153  ntfs        Basic data partition  
4       3467.153   6563.153  ntfs        Basic data partition  
5       6563.153  10659.153  ext3                              
7      10659.153  13707.153                                    
6      13707.153  34726.153  ntfs        Basic data partition

What can I do to fix this?  Norton disk doctor doesn't run on Itanium =(. 
Thanks if anyone can help.

  Mike Miller                  Earth, Sol, Orion Arm, Milky Way

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