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Hi guys. Just a quick contribution.

From: Roméo VIU-BERGES
Subject: Hi guys. Just a quick contribution.
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 10:30:01 +0100


I am translating many programs at the moment in order to frenchize (?) a linux 
distrib install process. And i fell on Parted. And I looked at the fr.po, and 
there were 24 untranslated and many fuzzy strings.

I don't know if there is someone maintaining the french translation of Parted, 
but done is done ;) If you're looking for someone for translation maintaining, 
I'm there. If no, just say me no ;)

Sorry for not having suscribed myself into the mailing-list.

fr.po , file attached.

Enjoy and let me know,

Best regards,

Roméo VIU-BERGES, french Slackware fan.

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