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savannah project for parted ?

From: Sven Luther
Subject: savannah project for parted ?
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 09:28:17 +0100
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After the security intrusion it suffered, savannah is now open again,
altough new project creation will still be closed until end of january.

I propose we use this time for reflexion on how to best give parted
again the visibility it has somewhat lost in the past month, since the
first intrusion on FSF servers in april.

I propose myself to do the grunt work and coordinate the creation of a
parted project on savannah, and to manage it afterward. This would mean
the moving of the CVS server from the location it is now (Andrew's
personal harddisk ?) to a more public place, as well as maybe moving the
mailing lists to the savannah project.

Also, altough i am not sure if savannah has only CVS servers or not,
there is also the possibility to use an arch or subversion repository
instead. I have had no experience with arch, and altough it has
distributed functionality, it is less mature than subversion, which in
turn is a very nice replacement over CVS, and i have become used to it
quickly when managing my debian packages on alioth in it.


Sven Luther

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