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resize, windows, slooow

From: Paul MacManus
Subject: resize, windows, slooow
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 22:03:36 -0400


     I have used parted successfully several times in the past and have been 
very pleased with it, however today I ran into a frustrating problem and I need 
some help.

I run a dual boot (Windows Me and Redhat 8.0) Dell laptop. I needed to redo my 
partitions and as part of that process I resized the Windows Me partition. 
After resizing I could boot successfully in Linux but when I booted into 
Windows it was VERY slow. It did boot: the desktop and all the icons would come 
up but it could never load all the services, it would hang and I would 
eventually have to kill various processes. Even after that it did not work 
properly, when I would call a program it could take several minutes to launch 
or it would not be able to find it. Windows Me has essentially become unusable. 
I manged to boot more or less successfully in Windows Safe Mode and I ran 
Scandisk and Defrag  but these did not help. Is there anything I can do here?

                               Thank you, Paul MacManus 

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