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Trying to get a partition shared between WinXP and FC3

From: Leslie Katz
Subject: Trying to get a partition shared between WinXP and FC3
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 12:54:23 +1000

At 10:06 PM 05/08/20, Benno Schulenberg wrote:
Leslie Katz wrote:
> I'm not sure I've seen anything from the list yet with either my
> or Benno's posts in it,

This must be because you are not subscribed, as the posts did make
it through, as you can see here:

To subscribe follow the instructions on:

I'm not sure exactly what's going on about my subscription, since I did get a confirmation of subscription before sending my initial post and, as I just confirmed by visiting the list, had asked to get the posts to the list. Maybe it's a time zone thing, since I'm in Australia.

> I then restarted the computer, choosing Linux as the OS I wanted.
> I next started Writer and tried to open "test.txt", which was
> visible. It worked, but "read-only". I checked the file's
> permissions and saw that ordinary users weren't permitted to
> write to the file.

Googling for "how to share partition between windows and linux"
(without the quotes) popped up this:

It seems you need an option "umask=000" in your /etc/fstab, as shown
here: http://www.geocities.com/epark/linux/fstab.txt

I had the Park documents, as well as numerous others on the topic, but since every one of them is different, whether slightly or substantially, I thought I'd ask the list as well, hoping to get a definitive answer.

> I didn't remount the partition before rebooting my computer,
> thinking I could mount it manually after the re-boot

That was perfectly allright, there is no need to remount before
rebooting.  You can indeed mount the partition manually any time,
even if /etc/fstab isn't correctly set up: by giving 'mount' all
the necessary options directly.  See 'man mount' for that.

> I would have preferred not to
> have to figure out myself how to get things going again, but to
> have that information in advance from the info page.

Well, if you can write something up, concise and general, and post
it here, your text might get included in a next version of parted.

Following are my proposed additions to the end of section 2.4.5 of the info page for parted v 1.6.15 (I have not checked the info page for later parted v(s), because I already had v 1.6.15 installed and so used it myself; I assume the section's similar to the current one):

"Please note the following:

1. if you want to use mkfs to change the file system of an existing mounted partition, it will be necessary for you to unmount that partition before you change its file system.

2. if there is an entry in the file "/etc/fstab" for the partition whose file system you have changed with mkfs, you should edit that file to reflect the change of the partition's file system before any re-boot. Otherwise, the re-boot may stop when /etc/fstab is sought to be implemented during it. Before editing your /etc/fstab file, make a backup of it.

3. If, before you change the partition's file system type, your /etc/fstab file was using a label for the partition and you have changed the partition's file system type to FAT32, it will be necessary for you, when editing your /etc/fstab file, to delete that label and substitute a reference to the partition by its device name.

One thing you may want to keep in mind: Google is half the Linux
manual.  Especially when having difficulties.  :)

Cheers, and enjoy!


Thanks again, Benno, for your help about this. It's much nicer to have a shared hard drive partition that's significantly bigger than any of the flash drives I've been using thus far!


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