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Re: Cross-linked blocks

From: Esa Murtomäki
Subject: Re: Cross-linked blocks
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 17:57:07 +0300
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Hi Bryn, thanks for a quick answer.
Comments below.

Bryn M. Reeves wrote:
> Esa Murtomäki wrote:
>> I have a problem with partition resize. Parted stops
>> with an error from cross-linked blocks. Unfortunately
>> e2fsck doesn't seem to help with this problem.
> We could try to figure out what is wrong here - a dumpe2fs
> log or an e2image of the affected file system might
> contain enough data to debug this (the dumpe2fs output
> will be fairly small and compresses well. The e2image
> data would be much larger even when compressed since it
> records all the metadata from the file system).

The dumpe2fs output is available at:

I need to check the file system contents before I can send 
e2image data as I don't know if there is confidential 

> If this file system has any important data that's not
> backed up then you might prefer to do the resize using
> the resize2fs tool. This is provided in e2fsprogs and has
> been around longer and had more testing coverage than the
> ext3 resizing code in parted.

I could use resize2fs to resize the file system but what 
else program (than parted) supports GPT and is able to 
resize >2TB partitions?

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