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Re: Cross-linked blocks

From: Bryn M. Reeves
Subject: Re: Cross-linked blocks
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 14:44:34 +0100
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Esa Murtomäki wrote:
> I have a problem with partition resize. Parted stops with an 
> error from cross-linked blocks. Unfortunately e2fsck 
> doesn't seem to help with this problem.
> Attachments include outputs from parted and e2fsck.
> I have checked that all the files in this partition are 
> fully readable and RAID controller seems to be working 
> normally.
> Is there something that I could do to these cross-linked 
> blocks?

Hi Esa,

The ext3 resize code is really pretty experimental. It may be that it's
not properly dealing with a valid ext3 fs here (which would explain why
e2fsck doesn't find a problem but parted chokes). We could try to figure
out what is wrong here - a dumpe2fs log or an e2image of the affected
file system might contain enough data to debug this (the dumpe2fs output
will be fairly small and compresses well. The e2image data would be much
larger even when compressed since it records all the metadata from the
file system).

If this file system has any important data that's not backed up then you
might prefer to do the resize using the resize2fs tool. This is provided
in e2fsprogs and has been around longer and had more testing coverage
than the ext3 resizing code in parted.


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