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[Bug-readline] Typo in readline configure script

From: address@hidden
Subject: [Bug-readline] Typo in readline configure script
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2014 08:47:52 -0700

The version number and release status of Readline (e.g., 4.2-release)
6.3 (ftp://ftp.cwru.edu/pub/bash/readline-6.3.tar.gz)

The machine and OS that it is running on
Ubuntu Linux 14.04 x86_64 

A list of the compilation flags or the contents of `config.h', if appropriate

a description of the bug
typographical error in configure at line 6355

a recipe for recreating the bug reliably
Download V6.3

a fix for the bug if you have one!l

--- configure 2014-06-30 15:27:11.813528368 -0700
+++ configure.fixed 2014-07-01 08:45:40.025520933 -0700
@@ -6352,7 +6352,7 @@
 if ac_fn_c_try_run "$LINENO"; then :
-  bash_cv_wcwdith_broken=no
+  bash_cv_wcwidth_broken=no
 rm -f core *.core core.conftest.* gmon.out bb.out conftest$ac_exeext \
   conftest.$ac_objext conftest.beam conftest.$ac_ext

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