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bug#28665: Testsuite summary for GNU sed 4.4 on Debian 8.8 PowerPC fails

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: bug#28665: Testsuite summary for GNU sed 4.4 on Debian 8.8 PowerPC fails in 19 cases
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2017 13:32:42 -0600
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Hello Dennis,

Thank you for all these details - makes things much easier to troubleshoot.

I've spotted three issues so far,
let's tackle them one by one:

First issue:

On 2017-10-02 05:55 AM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
> I ran configure the same way I did last time thus :
> deb8_ppc64$ ./configure --enable-dependency-tracking \
>> --enable-regex-tests --without-selinux \
>> --with-libiconv-prefix=/usr/local --with-libintl-prefix=/usr/local

The "--enable-regex-tests" should not be used.
These 'regex' tests are very old, and have not been maintained since
about 2004. We simply haven't gotten around to either fix them or remove

Can you try to build from the tar file again without
"--enable-regex-tests" ?

Second issue:

> FAIL: testsuite/utf8-ru.sh

This is one test that will certainly remain even after removing the
"regex tests".

As a first step to understand if this is a false positive or a sed
failure, can you tell us which locales are installed on your computer
("locale -a") ?

I see the test uses "ru_RU.UTF-8", and it's possible it uses the locale
without first verifying it is available on the system.

Third issue:

Your build-from-git log shows the following build error:

> Updating ./doc/version.texi
>  MAKEINFO doc/sed.info
> ./doc/sed.texi:3368: unknown command `U'
> ./doc/sed.texi:3368: misplaced {
> ./doc/sed.texi:3368: misplaced }

This is a failure to generate the sed documentation from the texinfo
file. Can you tell us the version of the installed texinfo package
("makeinfo --version") ?

 - assaf

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