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bug#28665: Testsuite summary for GNU sed 4.4 on Debian 8.8 PowerPC fails

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: bug#28665: Testsuite summary for GNU sed 4.4 on Debian 8.8 PowerPC fails in 19 cases
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2017 22:18:46 -0600
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Hello Dennis,

On 2017-10-03 11:30 AM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
> On 10/02/2017 03:32 PM, Assaf Gordon wrote:
>>> FAIL: testsuite/utf8-ru.sh
>> This is one test that will certainly remain even after removing the
>> "regex tests".
> Unless configure does a locale check and stops the process from failure.
>> As a first step to understand if this is a false positive or a sed
>> failure, can you tell us which locales are installed on your computer
>> ("locale -a") ?
> yep .. see above. Just the basics. Solved that.

Thank you for confirming this.
I will add the needed code to detect the missing locale and skip the test.

>> Third issue:
>> Your build-from-git log shows the following build error:
>>> Updating ./doc/version.texi
>>>  MAKEINFO doc/sed.info
>>> ./doc/sed.texi:3368: unknown command `U'
>>> ./doc/sed.texi:3368: misplaced {
>>> ./doc/sed.texi:3368: misplaced }
>> This is a failure to generate the sed documentation from the texinfo
>> file. Can you tell us the version of the installed texinfo package
>> ("makeinfo --version") ?
> deb8_ppc64$ makeinfo --version
> makeinfo (GNU texinfo) 5.2
> So I may stop here and get the texinfo sources and build and test that
> first and then come back and try the git repo.

While installing newer texinfo should solve the problem,
it is not the ideal solution - I will try to fix the texinfo manual
to be able to handle "@U{}" on older texinfo.
failing that, perhaps require texinfo 6 or newer when building from git).
In either case - it should not fail like that.

> However for now, right now, let's try just the release tarball :
> deb8_ppc64$
> deb8_ppc64$ ./configure --enable-dependency-tracking \
> deb8_ppc64$ /usr/bin/time -p /usr/local/bin/gmake
> deb8_ppc64$ /usr/bin/time -p /usr/local/bin/gmake check
> ============================================================================
> Testsuite summary for GNU sed 4.4
> ============================================================================
> # TOTAL: 108
> # PASS:  103
> # SKIP:  5
> # XFAIL: 0
> # FAIL:  0
> # XPASS: 0
> # ERROR: 0
> ============================================================================

> Has this all entirely been an issue with 'locale -a' not ever being
> checked ?  Also the "--enable-regex-tests" should be removed.

Indeed - a collection of small issues that prevented a successful build.
But I'm glad you've helped us verify these are mostly issues with the
build system and test infrastructure, and not a bug in the sed code.

Thank you again for your help and patience in diagnosing these issues.

I will keep this ticket open until the fixes are committed to the sed
git repository.

 - assaf

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