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[Bug-tar] problems with 1-15.1

From: Tom
Subject: [Bug-tar] problems with 1-15.1
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 22:35:14 -0500

I get the following errors but with 1-14 no problems, is this a bug?

32. gtarfail (gtarfail.at:21): skipped (gtarfail.at:38)
33. gtarfail2 (gtarfail2.at:21): skipped (gtarfail2.at:41)
34. multi-fail (multi-fail.at:21): skipped (multi-fail.at:86)
35. ustar-big-2g (ustar-big-2g.at:21): skipped (ustar-big-2g.at:36)
36. ustar-big-8g (ustar-big-8g.at:21): skipped (ustar-big-8g.at:36)
37. pax-big-10g (pax-big-10g.at:21): skipped (pax-big-10g.at:36)

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