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ODP: [Bug-tar] LZO and LZMA compression

From: Jan Psota
Subject: ODP: [Bug-tar] LZO and LZMA compression
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 21:41:26 +0200

> That's difficult to do, since a two-letter short option violates POSIX
> recommendations.  -7z should be equivalent to -7 -z should be equivalent
> to -z -7, but we already have -z.
All the truth.

> On the other hand, using _just_ -7 might be feasible as the short option,
> since that complies with POSIX.
And this is not a good idea, because numbers are reserved for devices
defined in /etc/default/tar in for example SCO UNIX and maybe in other
UNIX-es too. There are some unused (in tar) letters in alphabet yet... ;-)
'J' (bigger compression than bzip2, 'J' looks a bit like '7')?
'q' (like quick for lzop)?
I would propose [-]q|--lzop and [-]J|--7zip.

Jan Psota

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