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Re: [Bug-tar] GNU TAR or STAR -- speed comparision

From: Tim Kientzle
Subject: Re: [Bug-tar] GNU TAR or STAR -- speed comparision
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 21:51:03 -0700
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star is definitely much faster than GNU tar ,-)
If you know a fater tar implementation than star, send the name,
a test and a bug report!

In my testing, star didn't perform very well extracting large
archives to memory-backed disk.  (10% to 15% slower than either
bsdtar or GNU tar.)

Of course, this was a little while ago and may not be
relevant now.  At the time (March, 2007), I believe I
was testing star 1.5a73, GNU tar 1.16.1, and
bsdtar 2.0.22.  I should probably try to repeat those
tests with newer versions.


Tim Kientzle

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