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[Bug-tar] RE: GNU TAR or STAR -- speed comparision

From: Jan Psota
Subject: [Bug-tar] RE: GNU TAR or STAR -- speed comparision
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 20:47:11 +0200

> OS ?????
Gentoo 2.0.

> Note: If you plan to compare file extraction performance, you need to use
> "star -no-fsync ..." to make star behave as unreliable as GNU tar does.
Of course, I'll test it again. With BSD-tar also (thanks to Tim Kientzle :-).
Only once I found star more reliable than tar:
when sending archive over network with netcat and terminating
connection on receivers side (I forgot to set nc to automatic
disconnect with -q), all symbolic links were created as zero-length files.
It was some versions ago, and now GNU tar doesn't behave like this.
But I can see, that star looks more like, for instance, SCO UNIX tar program
(that's ok :-).
Thank You for advice.

Jan Psota

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