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Re: texi2dvi --output and --clean

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: texi2dvi --output and --clean
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 17:01:18 -0800

Hi Akim,

    It refuses output names that don't match *.dvi?  

The issue wasn't about matching *.dvi, but about the build mode.
move_to_dest simply became a no-op except in tidy modes.

    I don't remember, yet I find this normal: changing the output name
    does not seem to be correlated to where the build is done.

I agree.  Ok, I'll work a bit more on my change for that.

    Yes, I do.  Actually, I should really spend some time on texi2dvi to
    port some of the changes I use, 

As long as it's not another 100 new features :).  To be honest, I rather
wish we had kept the latex support separate; the redundancy with Texinfo
is pretty minimal and theoretical.  I find the script much more
difficult to develop and debug now :(.

    Just for the records, here's the texi2dvi I use currently.


    I'll checkout Texinfo and submit changes.  Do we have a test suite?

No :(.

    ISTR that at some point it had to be disabled.

Yes, it was disabled.  There are a few small tests in
texinfo/util/*.test, that's all.


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