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[Bug-wget] wget timeouts fail basic test.

From: Lee Haywood
Subject: [Bug-wget] wget timeouts fail basic test.
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 10:53:38 +0000

I've always had this problem, where the web server is busy and does
not accept() the incoming connection from wget.  In this case using
the -T switch to set all the timeouts makes no difference, since wget
simply hangs and doesn't timeout as you'd expect it to.  Presumably
this is because the DNS is okay and the read() never starts, but the
connect timeout relies on a library which doesn't implement the

Obviously this is an issue with scripts that want to avoid taking
forever and give wget explicit timeouts, but lock-up regardless.
Tested on version 1.12 on Xubuntu.


Lee Haywood.

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