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[Bug-wget] bug when recursively downloading URL with query

From: xixiu.ouyangxx
Subject: [Bug-wget] bug when recursively downloading URL with query
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 2009 17:05:54 +0800

i found the following fragment in wget log :

2009-12-02 14:46:01
URL:http://presscouncil.org.hk/zh/web_info.php?db=news&id=36 [8597] ->
"presscouncil.org.hk/zh/web_info.php?db=news&id=36" [1]

however in the dir presscouncil.org.hk/zh, i do not found

it is said the problem is caused by escape character (?,=,&), then if
add quotation mark (") at both ends of URL, the problem can be fixed.

unfortunately, it is only fixed in non-recursively mode, suppose i wanna
download a site using wget -r, the problem's still there because i am
not able to add quotation mark

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