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RE: [Bug-wget] wget with no stdout delivers no result

From: Tony Lewis
Subject: RE: [Bug-wget] wget with no stdout delivers no result
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 09:23:13 -0800

Instead of running with -q, try running with --debug and report back on what
wget is reporting when run from a cron job.

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Subject: [Bug-wget] wget with no stdout delivers no result


I'm regularly using wget without any problem for wide spread of web tasks.

Now I got a problem using wget (Ver. 1.12 - compiled from source) on a
"embedded" Linux device (running kernel 2.6.28 and busybox).

The following shell script works fine if called from the console. It
"doesn't work" if it's started from the background (crond) or with
redirected Output to /dev/null. "It doesn't work" means that there is a
empty Variable logged to syslog (by the command logger)


wget -q -o /home/maus/wget.log -O /home/maus/wget.result
IP=`cat /home/maus/wget.result`

logger $IP
rm /home/maus/wget.result

I'm confused completely from the fact, that the same script works fine
on my Linux (Mint [Ubuntu]) computer but not on the embedded device.

Any suggestions? Thanks.



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