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Re: [Bug-wget] Translation error: to Chinese

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] Translation error: to Chinese
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2010 12:51:54 -0800
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The message I sent to the simplified Chinese mailing list bounced
(apparently I'd need to be subscribed), but I forwarded it to the
translation coordinator as well. Looks like they got the message,
because there was an update to zh_CN.po in my mailbox today:

 msgid "  eta %s"
- -msgstr " eta(英国中部时间) %s"
+msgstr "估时 %s"

Hopefully this is the appropriate change, though it doesn't match either
of your examples. Google Translate (though never very reliable) says
"Estimated time 1 minute", which seems reasonable. It certainly matches
the needs of the progress bar update code better (long strings tend to
mess it up).

These changes will be available the next time Wget is released;
downstream packagers might choose to make them available sooner than that.

- -mjc

Micah Cowan wrote:
> Thanks for the report, sorry it took so long for me to respond.
> Your assessment makes a good deal of sense to me. Unfortunately, we
> can't make changes to translations ourselves: all of that is handled by
> the Translation Project (translationproject.org). I've Cc'd the
> appropriate language team for their consideration.
> -Micah
> 陈醒 wrote:
>> When downloading, the word "eta" is translated to 英国中部时间, which means
>> "Time of Middle Britain", obviously wrong.
>> 99% [==============================> ] 19,356,140   114K/s eta(英国中部时
>> Besides, as the translation is too long, it makes the output of wget
>> extremely ugly:
>>  1% [>
>>        ] 299,256     86.9K/s eta(英国中部时
>>  1% [>
>>        ] 303,300     81.6K/s eta(英国中部时
>>  1% [>
>>        ] 307,344     77.0K/s eta(英国中部时
>>  1% [>
>>        ] 323,728     75.9K/s eta(英国中部时
>>  1% [>
>>        ] 337,000     74.3K/s eta(英国中部时
>>  1% [>
>>        ] 341,044     70.9K/s eta(英国中部时
>> If the eta means "Estimated time of arrival", or the estimated time to
>> finish downloading, a better translation would be like:
>>  eta 1m51s -> 还剩 1m51s      (means 1m51s left)
>> or:
>>  eta 1m51s -> 约剩 1m51s      (means "about 1m51s left")
>> Please consider correcting the translation.
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