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Re: [Bug-wget] alpha release ( (was: [PATCH] gnutls.c: fi

From: Steven M. Schweda
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] alpha release ( (was: [PATCH] gnutls.c: fix infinite read timeout)
Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 22:15:27 -0500 (CDT)

From: Ray Satiro <address@hidden>

> [...] your wget gnulib dir [...]

   You may be confusing "GNU" with "portable".  They're not even
similar.  All the GNU-autojunk in the world does me approximately no
good at all.  sys_select.in.h, sys_socket.in.h, and the like, are useful
only if someone can turn them into actual header files, and on VMS, I,
not some GNU-autojunk, am the one who would need to do it.  And, as I
said, I don't even have a convenient way to use a "sys" directory
(without wrecking access to existing <sys/XXX.h> stuff).

> [...] they are always required.. aren't they?

   Obviously not, or we wouldn't be having this discussion.  For Wget
1.13.4 on VMS, I added these modifications to src/connect.c, because, as
I recall, the argument that HAVE_SYS_SOCKET existed for some reason was
unsuccessful.  I never understood why, so I thought that I'd take
another run at it this time.  Perhaps my mind is simply too weak for
this stuff, but I can't help thinking that if the #define directives for
HAVE_SYS_SELECT_H and HAVE_SYS_SOCKET_H in the generated src/config.h
are correct, then actually using these macros to guard the relevant
#include directives should be harmless, at worst.  But what do I know?


   Steven M. Schweda               address@hidden
   382 South Warwick Street        (+1) 651-699-9818
   Saint Paul  MN  55105-2547

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