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[Bug-wget] accept/reject priority?

From: Pierre Fortin
Subject: [Bug-wget] accept/reject priority?
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2013 13:27:23 -0500


While keeping a local partial mirror up to date using wget 1.14 (part of
Mageia 4 beta 1), I ran into a situation where my reject list contained
*-gl-* and that blocked xscreensaver-gl-* which I need...

So, I added "accept = xscreensaver-gl-*" to my .wgetrc  However, that
apparently results in conflicting rulesets which allow no files through.

Tried reversing the order of accept and reject statements to no avail.

Is there a one-pass solution to this dilemma that I can't seem to see?


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