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Re: [Bug-zile] [PATCH] build: don't use -Werror in AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Re: [Bug-zile] [PATCH] build: don't use -Werror in AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
Date: Wed, 01 May 2013 13:30:33 +0200

On 05/01/2013 01:18 PM, Reuben Thomas wrote:
> On 1 May 2013 08:09, Ulrich Mueller <address@hidden> wrote:
>> The warnings should be fixed, but -Werror should be turned off in any
>> case. It is a nuisance for distros, because with new compiler or
>> autotools versions new warnings tend to appear.
> Possibly some confusion here: Diego's article is talking about -Werror to
> GCC; we're talking about automake.
Which makes the matter even worse, because there is no proper way to override
from the command line a '-Werror' given in AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE ...   This is
clearly Automake's fault, but client projects will have to deal with it until
it is fixed.  Sorry.

Best regards,

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