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[Calendula-devel] Calendula news 8/22

From: Darryl Caldwell
Subject: [Calendula-devel] Calendula news 8/22
Date: 22 Aug 2003 16:54:42 -0700

Hi folks,

Here are the latest developments:

* Schema

I have been busy of late, but I have had some time to compare the
existing schema with the database design for InfoCentral
( I like the following in InfoCentral:

1. More detailed user logs
2. user-defined fields
3. table for storing queries

I feel it is weaker concerning:

1. Donations. Like creating campaigns, tracking donations to campaigns,
pledges, etc.
2. Relationships - Connections between other members,
    Ability to track how many times a member has been contacted and how.
3. Unlimited Contact Attributes - addresses, phones, notes, etc.

* Nonprofit connections

On Wednesday I took a field trip.

If you are interested you can follow my lead in this area. I found out
that one of the branches of my county library has a nonprofit resource
center (yours probably does too!). The reference librarian in charge of
this collection is the local contact for nonprofits in the region (again
yours probably is too!). She knows who is doing what, what events are
going on locally, and is positioned to offer lots of insights into the
minds of development professionals.  So I introduced myself and told her
about Calendula. She was really interested. We spent about a half hour
talking about the app and I picked up some good ideas for the final
implementation. She also pointed me toward some good web links,
including email discussion lists that I am going to join for more input
from people working in fundraising. This is a jackpot find:

* The path ahead

Examine the ebase2 schema. 
Find out who want to do what.
Design phase one version
Think about building a proof-of-concept/throwaway
Design phase two


Darryl Caldwell address@hidden
Fudo Systems
206/567-5802  "Free Your Computers!"

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