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[Chicken-users] feature freeze on CMake build

From: Brandon J. Van Every
Subject: [Chicken-users] feature freeze on CMake build
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2006 18:41:23 -0700
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I've found that getting the essentials ready for a release, has consumed a lot more time than I wished it would. Therefore, I'm declaring "no new features" in the CMake build before the next release. I want this out the door and for it to start getting tested in the field. I don't want any additional complications as to what is tested, nor to do any more work that I can avoid doing. I'm way behind on jobhunting and again, the threat of losing the roof over my head is real. Got about 4 weeks to solve that puzzle, gotta see some $$$ from somewhere. If you know anyone who needs a good build engineer....

Anyways, this means:

- I will not worry about optimization flags on VS 7.1 for now. The various Debug, Release, MinSizeRel, and RelWithDebInfo targets already have some. It's not important to reach the uber-pinnacle of great flags right now. I notice that doesn't have any special flags in it anyways, so it's not like anything is backsliding.

- I won't take any patches for rudimentary cross-compilation support, such as templating a sample Makefile, or building a totally stripped down Chicken (which I think should be canonically called a "chick". :-) I think these are great ideas that I'd like to support in the future. But for now, just use the abundant /boot/cfiles/*.c that are given to you. If you develop proof-of-concept on your own, we can incorporate it later, when I have more time.

- I don't want Felix taking these things either. I want a build with fewer variables kicked out the door as a beta release. It's *my* reputation on the line about whether the 1st cut of the public CMake build is as good as I've been telling everybody it is. I don't need the VS 7.1 equivalent of -fomit-frame-pointer crashing someone's chicken-boot, as it did on MinGW. I'm taking a chance that it'll work ok on Cygwin as it is. Sure it has historically worked in the Autoconf build, but Autoconf uses libtool, CMake doesn't, and who knows what difference that makes.

I believe I have only 2 CMake-related things left to clean up:

- make Darcs and the ChangeLog less of a hassle (minor issue, can blow off)
- make sure that Windows eggs work (major issue, must get done)

Brandon Van Every

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