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[Chicken-users] building on windows

From: Mark Baily
Subject: [Chicken-users] building on windows
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 10:41:42 +1100

I'm having trouble compiling v 2.5 on win32 using visual studio 2005.

After using CMake to produce the .sln file for visual studio then building the Release (or MinSizeRelease) version, it gets to using chicken-boot.exe to compile stub.scm and sits there on 100% CPU usage in what appears to be an infinite loop.

I read in an earlier thread someone else had this problem running inside a Parallels virtual machine, but I am not running inside a VM and still get the problem. I also read that it might be that Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition causes memory thrashing. However, I am using Visual Studio 2005 Academic Edition which is the full compiler. Also, the infinite loop does not occur inside the compiler itself but rather inside chicken-boot.exe.

I also don't want to build using mingw as I need to link chicken with other visual studio 2005 apps/libraries; I'm not sure if this is possible with a mingw-chicken.

Has anyone else come across the problem and know a solution?


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