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[Chicken-users] ann bitstring 1.33

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Subject: [Chicken-users] ann bitstring 1.33
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 02:43:48 +0400
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Want to notify about new release 1.33


fixed signed integers parsing

optimized integers matching

implemented endian attribute for floating point types
! Please note that now big-endian is defualt endianess for floating types, this can break or slowdonw your old code. ! Use "host" attribute to restore old behavior (VALUE float) -> (VALUE float host)

implemented boolean type
 (bitconstruct (#t boolean)) -> #u8(1)
 (bitconstruct (#t 32 boolean big)) -> #u8(0 0 0 1)
 (bitmatch "\x00" [((B 8 boolean)) B]) -> #f

new procs available
 (bitstring-bit-set? bitstring bit-index)
 (bitstring-reverse bitstring chunk-size endian)
 (bitstring-not bitstring)

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