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Re: [Chicken-users] [Chicken-hackers] CHICKEN 4.9.0rc1 is available

From: Michele La Monaca
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] [Chicken-hackers] CHICKEN 4.9.0rc1 is available
Date: Thu, 8 May 2014 00:32:16 +0200


> Could you try the attached patch instead?  I've tested it on Debian
> (with zsh and csh), OpenIndiana, Haiku, Cygwin and Mingw-msys.

Works fine on Solaris.

> What shell is Solaris really using?

Solaris 10 -> Bourne shell.
Solaris 11 -> Korn shell.

I would like to make my OpenIndiana
> mimick the "real" Solaris as much as possible (I'd install Solaris but
> I didn't manage to get it installed in a VM.  And downloading it is a
> royal pain, too).  I checked, but "sh" in OpenIndiana is ksh, which also
> knows about ${PWD}.  Even csh seems to support ${PWD}.  So it appears
> it's not exactly a bashism, but rather an extremely common extension to
> POSIX sh.  So knowing exactly what Solaris uses for a shell would be
> very helpful.

This might help:


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