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[Chicken-users] qt-light egg patch for MacPorts compatibility

From: Jérémy Farnaud
Subject: [Chicken-users] qt-light egg patch for MacPorts compatibility
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2014 19:37:40 +0100


I'm interested in developing with chicken on my mac and I was happy to find 
that MacPorts had packaged chicken. I wanted to use Qt so I installed the 
dependencies and installed the qt-light egg. Unfortunately, it didn't compile. 
So I made a patch so it did. Here is the patch to the 
"chicken-compile-qt-extension.scm" file I made :

>       (and (file-execute-access? "/opt/local/bin/qmake") "/opt/local")
> (define macosx (eq? (software-version) 'macosx))
> (if macosx (define install_name_tool "/usr/bin/install_name_tool"))
<       (if mingw32 "dll" "so.1.0.0"))
>       (cond (mingw32 "dll")
>             (macosx "1.0.0.dylib")
>             (else "so.1.0.0")))
>     (if macosx (run (,install_name_tool -change "libchicken.dylib" 
> ,(make-pathname libpath "libchicken" "dylib") ,output)))

It made compilation work for me! It would be nice if the patch could be added 
to the official egg. Since I'm new to scheme and chicken, I hope I did it the 
right thing. If it's not how you do egg compilation scripts, please let me know 
so I dig more into it.


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