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Re: [Chicken-users] Export a defstruct - Short Version?

From: Bahman Movaqar
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] Export a defstruct - Short Version?
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2014 12:15:01 +0330
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Thanks for the information Christian.

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On 12/14/2014 12:09 PM, Christian Kellermann wrote:
> * Bahman Movaqar <address@hidden> [141213 22:29]:
>> This code obviously doesn't compile because the export list is wrong
>> --if I change the export list to, for example, (make-point) it compiles
>> fine.
>> I'm aware a "defstruct" is basically a shortcut to create a bunch of
>> functions and the standard way to export it is exporting all the
>> functions one by one. Now, I'm wondering if there is an easier/shorter
>> way to do this (something like a wild card)?
> No there isn't. There's a wildcard for exporting all symbols in a
> module, i.e. using a * instead of a symbol list.  For records there's
> no such thing I am afraid. A lot of modules don't export some if
> not all accessors to hide the actual implementation.
> So for the time being you need to explicitly export the getters/setters
> and the make- procedure unless you want to provide your own (maybe
> with your application specific checks).

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