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RE: classpath-0.01 released

From: Cierniak, Michal
Subject: RE: classpath-0.01 released
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 16:23:40 -0800

Stuart Ballard wrote:

> Brian Jones wrote:
> > 
> > I've packaged and released classpath-0.01.  This release features
> > numerous improvements and additions.  Places to download the source
> > code and precompiled binaries are listed below.
> Awesome news, and great work!

Yes, great job!

I have however one request.  We have submitted a few bug fixes that did not
end up in that snapshot.  One of those bugs, in,
prevents a SPEC JVM98 benchmark from running.  Could whoever maintains
DataInputStream add it in?  You can find the fix in the Classpath mail
archive.  It's the #1 in  The problem
is that the current version of DataInputStream.readLine in Classpath does
not return null at the eof.  Thanks!

> - Are there any plans to integrate any of the third-party VMs 
> supported
> (such as IBM's OpenRuntime, 
Stuart, do you mean the Open Runtime Platform
( from Intel?  Or does IBM have something
with a similar name?

As to your question about integrating support for ORP into Classpath, all of
the native methods implemented by us for Classpath are included in the
distribution of ORP and we require only one modification to the Java sources
of Classpath (adding one extra field to java.lang.Thread).  We simply
describe that modification in our readme.txt file.  Also, one of ORP users
has made a precompiled version of Classpath for ORP available publicly.  You
can find information about that on our mailing list

I guess one could add vm/orp in parallel to vm/reference with this one extra
line in being the only difference.


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