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RE: A java DEBUG flag

From: Boehm, Hans
Subject: RE: A java DEBUG flag
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 10:19:57 -0800

> This is in the SUN Assertion JSR.
> ... The documentation is public but we certainly can not 
> participate in its
> development because of SUNs *stupid* IP restrictions in the 
> JCP.  There are good
> ideas here though and since this stuff will eventually make 
> it into JDK 1.4 I
> would say it should eventually belong here.
True.  But isn't this an awfully weak proposal?  It doesn't seem to allow me
to cleanly compute additional state that's used only in assertion checking.
I find that I need to do that all the time in order to be able to write
reasonable assertions.  For example, I might explicitly keep track of who
holds a particular lock, so that I can assert that I hold it at some point.
Or I might need to count opened files so that I can assert that I closed
everything I opened in a certain section of code.  Or ...


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