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Re: [Bug #976] Missing GPL exception and missing Copyright statements

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Re: [Bug #976] Missing GPL exception and missing Copyright statements
Date: 11 Aug 2002 21:48:20 +0200


On Sun, 2002-08-11 at 21:12, Etienne M. Gagnon wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 11, 2002 at 08:02:03PM +0200, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> > Please add the full copyright notice to the files that are missing them
> > at the moment (and everybody, you should always make sure that the
> > copyright notices are correct for files you check in). But check the nio
> > files since some are automatically generated by the lib/
> > script so you should add the full copyright to the master files in that
> > case.
> Hmm... It isn't obvious thar any of the files I listed are generated.
> So, I will add the full copyright statement to them.

OK. Thanks for checking, I wasn't sure anymore.

> It would be interesting to possibly add copyright notices to the
> *.properties files. 
> I do not know how to modify the master scripts for the generated files
> I identified in the bug report,
> e.g. src/gnu/java/locale/LocaleInformation_*.java and
> src/gnu/java/rmi/dgc/*_Skel/  Does somebody else knows
> about those scripts (and would volunteer to help)?  Thanks.

See the following two emails from the archive:

> > The javadoc files should probably be moved to the gjdoc project since
> > they are not really part of the standard library anyway which means that
> > they are not "normal" GNU Classpath sources (which impacts the license
> > status). Brian is it OK if I add them to the gjdoc CVS tree and remove
> > them from Classpath (I have write access to both)?
> It would effectively be a good idea that everything in the classpath
> CVS be licensed under GPL+excp, as advertized on the web page.

Yes, I agree. Making sure that everything distributed is clearly marked
as such or otherwise removed is on my TODO list for the next release but
since it is a little bit boring work I haven't given it very high



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