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sell stationery

From: liu ming
Subject: sell stationery
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 14:42:06 +0800

Dear Sir or Madam:
Having obtained your name and address from that 
you are a large buyer of stationery. As article of this kind fall within the 
scope of our business ivities, we take this opportunity to express our wish to 
enter into business relations with you and enclose our illustrated catalogue & 
the detailed price-list for you reference.
We hope to hear from you soon.
                                           Yours faithfully
                                                      Liu Ming

Company Profile

As a network-structured company, we have three main Lighting firms and three 
Stationery ones. The product series include:Road lamps,Medium pole lamps,High 
pole lamps,Garden lamps,Lampion,Lawn lamps,Flood light,Earth-huried 
lamps,Tunnel lamps,Worklight,Halogen lights,Advertising lighting,Street 
lighting,Ceiling lighting,Hideman lighting,Under water lighting,European 
lamps,Metal Halogen Lamp,Bunker light,Lantern lamp,Lamp with motion 
sensor,Metal halide,Portable lamp,Stemp light,Lantern lamp,Sodium lamp,Mercury 
lamp,Corner light,Project light,Pit lamp,Bulb,Flash light,Articles for daily 
use,Glue,Water colour paints,Modeling Clay,Chalk,Ballpointfluorescence 
pen,Filing cabinet,File-keeper,Stapler,Paper cutter,Pencil sharpener,Cutter 
knife,Students Stationery,Packing Tape Dispenser and other various kinds of 
stationery. In addition, we are in a position to produce and process metals, 
rubber, plastics, clothing and so on. There are also m outdoor Exciter ore than 
100cooperative companies that produce stationery and illumination.
Business Scope: Stationery Lamps Rubble&Plastic Products electronics Processing 
Products (not containing dangerous chemicals and chemicals easily causing 
poison) Textiles Clothing Hardware Retail and wholesale of all kinds of daily 
necessities etc
Sincerely welcome customers from home and abroad! At the same time, we provide 
a wide field for those who want to be successful in business,and we warmly 
welcome the organize and individual to have acorporation both of home and 
Company name: Ninghai Solar River Lighting Co,.Ltd
Company code: 74215665-3
Company nature: Limited liability company
Legal representative: Hu Shangui
Address: No.2 YINHE Road, Ninghai, ZheJiang
Registration office: by Ningbo Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau, 
Ninghai Branch
Province: ZheJiang
City: Ninghai  Ningbo

Post code: 315600
Fax: 65206317

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