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porting to another jvm/jit

From: Joseph Wenninger
Subject: porting to another jvm/jit
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2003 20:46:44 +0200


I'm porting a jvm/jit for a university project to the gnu classpath,
since it is nearly impossible to support the sun jre, if you can't sign
the sun community license, and  therefor don't have the sun-namespaces

I have done a quick hack for testing purposes, but how would I cleanly
integrate the classpath? My question is, how other jvm developers cope
with the the VM*.c files ? Do they have to be in the classpath
hierarchy, or can I somehow create a static classpath lib and than link
that one against my own, which contains the VM specific implementations

By the way, we would like to support jdk 1.2 class files (major 45,
minor 3). I tried to compile the classpath with jikes -source 1.2
-target 1.2, but it looks like jikes 1.18 doesn't really work with that.
Did anybody try that ? Is there another usable compiler for jre 1.2
compatible class files ?  With jikes I get wrong
[Field|Method|InterfaceMethod]Ref infos structures for many classes,
they point into the constant pool to array constants instead of object
constants. According to my knowledge that's wrong.
Could it be a problem of how the classpath is compiled ?

I'm using the 0.06 tarball

Thanks in advance for any information/help

Kind regards
Joseph Wenninger

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